Thursday, 31 January 2013

things that keep me happy.

Here are things I turn to when I'm feeling down - often these things don't just 'cheer me up', but they make things easier for me.

1. My family
My wonderful family are the best bunch of people I know. I have a mum, dad and older sister who I am very close to. I guess I'm fortunate to have a group of people who I can turn to, who will support me through whatever. I am extremely greatful to have them all in my life. And of course my kitty! Who I love dearly and cuddle when I'm down.

2. Walking
I never feel like it at the time, but going on a walk (especially in the sunshine - a lack of vitamin D can often cause me to get moody) really helps calm me down and center my thoughts. It's a shame when I'm depressed that I just want to curl up in bed all day!

3. Music
Music is a very important part of my life - I listen to it nearly all the time when I'm awake, bar lectures/social situations as that would just be rude! I'm partial to a lot of stuff, depending on my mood - I always turn to my beloved Florence & The Machine though.

4. Hot drinks and wrapping up
This is probably my failsafe technique of making myself feel slightly better - curl up with a good book, under my duvet with a cup of peppermint tea. Peppermint tea really reduces stress, which calms me down. Ideally I'd like my cat with me but alas, she lives with my parents!

5. Conversation
Again, due to social anxiety this is something I struggle with sometimes, but usually if I am in university on a depressed day, I often can put it to the back of my mind if I'm chatting with coursemates about my work.

6. Lighting candles
I don't know why, but candles soothe me a great deal - I have quite a few in my room. My favourite scents are vanilla and lavender.

Ok, if you like cute fluffy animals, that is the website for you. It kills me every time, I love it! It'll forever put a smile on my face (and make me want several baby animals)

8. Monday mornings
Odd, right? This is usually when I see my counsellor, he makes me happy.

9. Cooking
I find cooking very therapeutic, be it baking or making a full meal - I think it's focusing my mind on something else which helps.

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