Wednesday, 30 January 2013

an introduction to 'my little d' & me.

I should warn you, reader, that I am terrible at starting things. I cannot start a conversation without inane small talk, cannot begin writing a new page of notes without my handwriting being wonky, and I cannot just start typing a blog post - see? I need to have a little chit-chat.

I guess I should introduce myself - hello, I'm Gabrielle, but I'd prefer it if you called me Gabby. I'm twenty years old and a second year geography student in Liverpool. I have a cat at home who I love dearly, and enjoy drinking tea, reading, listening to music and learning. I also have depression, and have done for 2 long years. I have gone through two other blogs in the past, both fashion/lifestyle ones, but I think I prefer simply to read those, rather than write my own posts. After all, my idea of 'fashion' is an all-black outfit, and my idea of 'lifestyle' is avoiding the world, curled up with a good book.

The idea of this blog is to share my thoughts and experiences with depression (which I call my little d) - how depression affects my day-to-day life, how I am fighting it/managing it, etc etc. I will also be researching into certain treatments for depression, some of which I have had, and will 'review' them, I think. This blog is still taking it's baby steps, so bear with me.

Like many depressives, I sometimes feel like hiding from the world for days, weeks maybe, so please excuse  any sporadic postings, but I'll try and keep at it. This blog will probably be my secondary therapy!

Anyway, that's enough of a rambling introduction - this little corner of the internet will undoubtedly be quiet for a good few weeks or months, but I don't mind. Hopefully it's all lovely and warm for when other readers arrive.

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